"True Believer" - Crossover

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If you like Metallica "Kill Em' All" meets DRI then this is a must listen!

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In March of 1990, the four of us got together and recorded a four-song demo titled "Painkiller". It is now 30 years later since it's original release and over the years, technology has come a long, long way. We recruited Connecticut music legends, Mike Z Livingston and Jay Reason, who basically took this dead body and brought it back to life with more balls than ever, giving it the sound, mix and look we envisioned three decades ago. We have also included three live bonus tracks for your enjoyment. It's gritty, raw, and as "old school" as it gets! This style of music has recently made a strong comeback and these songs still stand the test of time.

Enjoy and thank you all for the great memories!

- Jay "Ice" Piccirillo - March 2020
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